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Designed for early '02 with round tail lights. These rings are made with a sleek chrome finish that will enhance the look of your car. They are easy to install and will fit seamlessly into the existing tail light assembly. These rings will not only add a touch of elegance to your car but also improve its visibility on the road.

Genuine BMW 2002 "Roundie" Tail Light Chrome Rings

$196.00 Regular Price
$166.00Sale Price
  • Fits the following vehicles:

    114: Details on 114
    114 1602 Sedan, U.S.
    114 2002 Sedan, U.S.
    114 2002tii Sedan, U.S.
    114 1600 Sedan, Euro
    114 1600 Convertible, Euro
    114 1600GT Coupe, Euro
    114 1600ti Sedan, Euro
    114 1602 Sedan, Euro
    114 1802 Sedan, Euro
    114 2002 Sedan, Euro
    114 2002 Convertible, Euro
    114 2002ti Sedan, Euro
    114 2002tii Sedan, Euro

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