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For any M10 B16/B18 engine, providing a complete set of gaskets needed for engine block assembly

BMW Gasket Set Engine Block - M10 B16/B18

SKU: 11111734114
$89.51 Regular Price
$66.00Sale Price
  • Fits the following vehicles:

    114: Details on 114
    114 1600GT Coupe, Euro
    114 1600ti Sedan, Euro

    E12: Details on E12
    E12 518 Sedan, Euro
    E12 518i Sedan, Euro
    E12 520 Sedan, Euro
    E12 520i Sedan, Euro

    E21: Details on E21
    E21 320i Sedan, U.S.
    E21 315 Sedan, Euro
    E21 316 Sedan, Euro
    E21 318 Sedan, Euro
    E21 318i Sedan, Euro
    E21 320 Sedan, Euro
    E21 320i Sedan, Euro

    E28: Details on E28
    E28 518 Sedan, Euro
    E28 518i Sedan, Euro

    NK: Details on NK
    NK 1800ti Sedan, Euro
    NK 1800tiSA Sedan, Euro

    • Original equipment design and quality
    • Gasket sets give you original equipment form, fit, and function
    • Utilizes OE equivalent or better materials
    • Packaged in shrink wrapped tray
    • Every part you need to complete your gasket repair in one package unless otherwise stated

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