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All the commonly needed bolts for engine and other mechanical portions of your BMW. Does not include large suspension bolts, but includes M6, M8, M10 bolts to handle most of your DIY repairs. Saves time, money, and frustration at the hardware store! Price INCLUDES Shipping!

Notes: This kit takes some time to assemble.

200pc Metric Bolt Kit!

SKU: 119KT
Ships in TWO weeks if no stock

    6mm = 10mm hex head, 8mm = 13mm hex head, 10mm = 17mm hex head

    qty  size

    10  6X12

    20  6X35

    10  6X40

    20  6X20

    20  6X25

    10  6X65

    20  6X30

    6  8X70

    10  8X35

    10  8X25

    10  8X30

    6  8X50

    6  8X45

    4  8X90

    20  8X20

    6  10X25

    4  10X50

    8  10X60

    4  10X70

    6  10X18

    2  10X12

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