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A faithful and flawless reproduction of the aluminum belt trim. Improved fit and quality over kits offered elsewhere. Includes the 4 seam covers for hood and trunk. Price INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING within the USA! Clips and fasteners are also INCLUDED!


Hardware Includes:

  • Black Plastic Clip (41PCS) OEM Ref#51131804205 / BMETA-31902
  • Metal Fasteners (16PCS)   OEM Ref#51136440145 / BMETA-31906
  • T-Metal Clamp (4PCS)        OEM Ref#51135480117 51135480116 / BMETA-31907



Aluminum Belt Trim Kits 1600/2002/2002tii With & Without Hardware

  • Price INCLUDES shipping within the USA!

  • No Cancellations Allowed

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