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Looking for a reliable and durable constant velocity boot kit for your BMW 2002? Look no further than our Axle Boot Kit for C/V Joint Kit, complete with clamps and grease. Manufactured to meet OE specifications, this premium Original Equipment replacement is no longer available through BMW. This kit is compatible with the 2002, 2002tii, and 2002turbo, ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle. Keep your vehicle running smoothly and reliably with this high-quality axle boot kit. Price is per kit and you need a total of four ( two per axles).

BMW 2002 Axle Boot Kit for C/V Joint Kit

SKU: BKS 0058R
$69.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
  • found on the following vehicles:

    114: Details on 114
    114 1602 Sedan, U.S.
    114 2002 Sedan, U.S.
    114 2002tii Sedan, U.S.
    114 1502 Sedan, Euro
    114 1600 Convertible, Euro
    114 1600 Sedan, Euro
    114 1600GT Coupe, Euro
    114 1600ti Sedan, Euro
    114 1602 Sedan, Euro
    114 1602 Touring, Euro
    114 1802 Touring, Euro
    114 1802 Sedan, Euro
    114 2000 Touring, Euro
    114 2000tii Touring, Euro
    114 2002 Convertible, Euro
    114 2002 Sedan, Euro
    114 2002 Touring, Euro
    114 2002ti Sedan, Euro
    114 2002tii Touring, Euro
    114 2002tii Sedan, Euro
    114 2002turbo Sedan, Euro

    E12: Details on E12
    E12 518 Sedan, Euro
    E12 520 Sedan, Euro
    E12 520i Sedan, Euro

    E21: Details on E21
    E21 320i Sedan, U.S.
    E21 316 Sedan, Euro
    E21 318 Sedan, Euro
    E21 320 Sedan, Euro
    E21 320i Sedan, Euro
    E21 323i Sedan, Euro

    NK: Details on NK
    NK 2000 Sedan, U.S.
    NK 1500 Sedan, Euro
    NK 1600 Sedan, Euro
    NK 1800 Sedan, Euro
    NK 1800ti Sedan, Euro
    NK 1800tiSA Sedan, Euro
    NK 2000 Sedan, Euro
    NK 2000C Coupe, Euro
    NK 2000CS Coupe, Euro
    NK 2000ti Sedan, Euro
    NK 2000tii Sedan, Euro
    NK 2000tilux Sedan, Euro

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