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Upgrade your BMW 2002 with our Front Upper Strut Mounts, designed to provide a solid platform for your front suspension. When worn, the bearings within this mount can cause annoying noise and add slop to your driving experience due to worn rubber. This can also lead to a shortened life of your shocks, affecting the overall performance and driving comfort of your beloved 2002.

The mounting studs are the correct 8X18mm in length. If longer 35mm studs are required, use 33521103812 (3 per mount)

We have both GENUINE BMW and OE Equivalent. Price is per mount. You need two (one per side)

BMW 2002 Front Upper Strut Mount Left/Right

SKU: 31331110195
    • OE-Equivalent and direct fit application
    • Reduces squeaks, rattles, and vibration noise
    • Pivot for the steering mechanism, providing a smooth steering response
    • Resistant to oil and other contaminants
    • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications

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