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Among all the BMWs using the Coupe Sport Leicht (CSL) name, none is as outrageous as the BMW 3.5 CSL IMSA! Show off your love for the iconic BMW's "Batmobile"with this BMW 3.5 CSL IMSA Large Garage Banner. Measuring 16 inches wide and 50 inches long, this PVC banner is printed with indoor outdoor ink to ensure long-lasting durability. It comes with eyelets in each corner, making it ready to hang in any garage, workshop, or classic car show. The high-quality printing of this banner makes it a standout addition to any automotive enthusiast's space. Display your love for this historic BMW with this striking and eye-catching banner.

BMW 3.5 CSL IMSA Large Garage Banner

SKU: batmobilebanner
First Wave of Pre-Orders Arriving June 2024