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These brake rotors are sourced directly from Germany, ensuring their authenticity and top-quality craftsmanship. Constructed from high-carbon brake disc material, these rotors offer reliable and long-lasting performance. This high-carbon brake discs meet DIN / ISO 16649 standards for safety and performance. Designed to provide optimal braking power and durability for your vehicle. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance the braking performance of your classic BMW with these hard-to-find front brake rotors.

BMW E9 CS / Bavaria 272MM Vented Front Brake Rotors (QTY 2)

SKU: 34111152090
$451.28 Regular Price
$419.00Sale Price
Ships in Two Weeks After Ordered
  • Fits the following vehicles:

    E3: Details on E3
    E3 2.8L Sedan, Euro
    E3 3.0L Sedan, Euro
    E3 3.0S Sedan, Euro
    E3 3.0Si Sedan, Euro
    E3 3.3L Sedan, Euro
    E3 3.3Li Sedan, Euro

    E9: Details on E9
    E9 3.0CS Coupe, U.S.
    E9 3.0CS Coupe, Euro
    E9 3.0CSi Coupe, Euro
    E9 3.0CSiL Coupe, Euro
    E9 3.0CSL Coupe, Euro