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Genuine BMW B-Pillar Chrome Trim. This high-quality chrome trim is designed to perfectly fit and complement the sleek lines of your vehicle. The chrome finish adds a luxurious and eye-catching detail to your car, making it stand out from the rest.

Genuine BMW 02 B-Pillar Chrome Trim

  • found on the following vehicles:

    114: Details on 114
    114 1602 Sedan, U.S.
    114 2002 Sedan, U.S.
    114 2002tii Sedan, U.S.
    114 1600 Sedan, Euro
    114 1600ti Sedan, Euro
    114 1602 Sedan, Euro
    114 1802 Sedan, Euro
    114 2002 Sedan, Euro
    114 2002ti Sedan, Euro
    114 2002tii Sedan, Euro
    114 2002turbo Sedan, Euro

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