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Replace your worn or broken chrome seat trim with this beautiful backrest trim set. These are all Genuine BMW parts in stock and ready to go!

These parts came on E10s and E9s (Check the fitment section for more information)

In case you dont need the complete set, you can also buy them individually. 

Genuine BMW Seat Backrest CHROME Trim Set

  • Free Shipping Within The USA!

  • Found on the following vehicles:

    114: Details on 114 (E10)
    114 1602 Sedan, U.S.
    114 2002 Sedan, U.S.
    114 2002tii Sedan, U.S.
    114 2002turbo Sedan, Euro
    114 1502 Sedan, Euro
    114 1602 Touring, Euro
    114 1602 Sedan, Euro
    114 1802 Touring, Euro
    114 1802 Sedan, Euro
    114 2002 Convertible, Euro
    114 2002 Sedan, Euro
    114 2002 Touring, Euro
    114 2002ti Sedan, Euro
    114 2002tii Sedan, Euro
    114 2002tii Touring, Euro

    E9: Details on E9
    E9 2800CS Coupe, U.S.
    E9 3.0CS Coupe, U.S.
    E9 2.5CS Coupe, Euro
    E9 2800CS Coupe, Euro
    E9 3.0CS Coupe, Euro
    E9 3.0CSi Coupe, Euro

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