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Over 700 pieces of the most commonly used fasteners on BMWs produced from 1967-1989. Save TONS of money and trips to the hardware store! Speed nuts, lock nuts, female electrical connectors, exhaust nuts, exhaust studs and MORE! All of them tailored for DIY folks' BMWs! Please see itemized contents list on our blog for more details! Price INCLUDES USA shipping. 

Note: This kit takes some time to assemble it.

Master Fastener Kit (see also "bolt kit"!)

SKU: 229KT
Ships in TWO weeks if no stock

    20 M5 wave washers (silver)

    100 M6 wave washers (silver)

    100 M8 wave washers (silver)

    40 M10 wave washers (silver)

    20 M5 nut (8mm hex) - fit 2002 headlight assembly studs, etc

    100 M6 nut (10mm hex)

    100 M8 nut (13mm hex)

    20 M10 nut (17mm hex)

    20 M8 lock nut (13mm hex) 20 M10 lock nut (17mm hex) 20 M8 intake nut (12mm hex) - 12mm for tight spots - Just like the originals! 10 M6 acorn nut (10mm hex) - ideal for valve covers, etc

    10 6.5x16 sheet metal screw w washer (10mm hex) - fenders, radiator, etc

    10 4.8x16 sheet metal screw w washer (8mm hex) - undertrays, misc

    20 M8 Copper exhaust nuts (12mm hex) (Copper coated)

    10 M10 Copper exhaust nuts (14mm hex) (Copper coated)

    4 M14 lock nut (22mm hex) - suspension

    4 M16 lock nut (24mm hex) - suspension

    8 M12 nut (19mm hex) - suspension

    12 32mm exhaust stud (8x1.25 thread) (black Oxide finish)

    8 body nut 4.8mm trim, early headlight grilles, interior panels, undertrays

    8 body nut 6.5mm radiator, fenders, etc

    8 body nut 4.2mm interior trim panels

    30 female electrical connectors w locking tab (silver)


    "M5,6,8,10,12,14,16" etc, refer to the fastener diameter in millimeters.

    All fasteners are coarse thread as used by BMW.

    • No Returns. (Thes kits take hours to assemble)