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Time to replace your worn, old, cracked tail lights lenses with these affordable options we have in stock!

Having your tail light lens replaced when it's broken or discoloured gives you the reassurance that other drivers can see where you intend to move or turn your BMW. If your tail light lens is broken or the lights are difficult to see, other drivers might not see your turning or stopping signals.


These are NO LONGER AVAILABLE through BMW. These are the USA version which has the red center "dot" in the middle. These are for cars built from 1966 up to 08/1973.  Due to limited stock they are only available to be purchased as a set and not individually.



2002 USA Spec Early Style Round Tail Light Lenses (03/1966 - 08/1973)

$199.00 Regular Price
$184.00Sale Price
    • USA Version w/ Red Center
    • Superb Clarity
    • OEM Quality
    • Guaranteed fitment
    • Tail light lens replacement instantly enhances vehicle appearance and resale value
    • Restores proper illumination and maximizes visibility
    • Precision-molded to OE dimensions for easy installation and tight leak-proof fit
    • High-quality crystal-clear lens material is UV and scratch-resistant
    • Accurate computer-aided reproduction of OE lens colors
    • 24 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty

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