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Replace your missing, worn, broken upper timing dust cover is now back in stock and ready for your 2002tii and 2002turbo models. Keep your engine running smoothly with this cover that provides exceptional protection to your engine's upper timing components from dust and debris. Coming from Germany in TWO weeks! Order NOW before they go out of stock again! You can also add the screws (4) in case you need to replace them too. 

2002tii & Turbo Upper Timing Dust Cover

SKU: 11141253310
  •  found on the following vehicles:

    114: Details on 114
    114 2002tii Sedan, U.S.
    114 2000tii Touring, Euro
    114 2002tii Touring, Euro
    114 2002tii Sedan, Euro
    114 2002turbo Sedan, Euro

    E12: Details on E12
    E12 520i Sedan, Euro

    NK: Details on NK
    NK 2000tii Sedan, Euro

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