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Here is a very rare BMW item that you don't see everyday! 

Sammler BMW M Power Sounds is an audio recording of the BMW engine sounds of race cars and sport cars throughout the years. From "Dixi" ( The Dixi was the first car made by BMW between 1927 and 1929) to M3 these sounds were directed by Olaf M. Ohl who also directed Rennwagen Sound Show.

Sammler BMW M Power Sounds also comes with a little booklet in english with 50 illustrations that explain each of the race cars


Stock is limited. Some have storage dust but they are in very good condition. This is an item that is almost  impossible to find!

Collector BMW M Power Sounds by Olaf M. Ohl Cassette Tape & Brochure

SKU: MPowerSounds
$79.00 Regular Price
$67.15Sale Price

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