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Replace your worn, brittle windshield and rear window lock strips with these SCHWARZ (black) Genuine BMW ones. We all know that the chrome lock strips are currently out of stock and who know when will they be available again so now its a good time to get these ones in case you don't have any or you just want to change the look.


Kit comes with 2-black locking strips and 2-black metal joint clips


They fit the following:


114: Details on 114
114 1602 Sedan, U.S.
114 2002 Sedan, U.S.
114 2002tii Sedan, U.S.
114 1502 Sedan, Euro
114 1600 Sedan, Euro
114 1600ti Sedan, Euro
114 1602 Sedan, Euro
114 1802 Sedan, Euro
114 2002 Sedan, Euro
114 2002ti Sedan, Euro
114 2002tii Sedan, Euro
114 2002turbo Sedan, Euro


In case you only need to replace only the front or only the rear please email or call 800-950-2002. If you want to add the windshield gaskets/seals, you can also call or email or get them here:


If you need help ordering just let us know!


Remember FREE SHIPPING to the USA!


Genuine BMW 2002/Tii/Turbo BLACK Lock Strips & Clips for front & rear windshield

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